This duet arose from the meeting of two universes, each intense and unique.
Two artists/adventurers, fascinated by the way people live in this world.
Humanity is at the heart of their approach to art, as well as the notion of Difference.
Anne-Laure Maison embarked on a quest to conquer urban spaces with her art, collages anchored on the walls of cities, questioning the place of its femininity as well as those of these contemporaries.
Michel Cam, driven by a deep desire to understand and confront the idea of Difference, constantly pushed back the limit with his boat, by immersing himself in tribal societies, far from contemporary urban life.
Both students at the same School of Fine Arts, their reunion was a coming together of kindred spirits and complementary talents, filling their mutual lacks.
Anne-Laure was looking to expand her view of the world and the notion of Difference, outside the conventional notions of space and time.
Michel was looking for a more accurate and artistic way to express his exceptional real- life experience, and in doing so, giving meaning to his quest.
It is from this perspective that the couple experiences a new understanding of the world aboard the Ilo2, their catamaran-studio, at present in the Sea of Sulu, in the Philippines.
The sailor’s relationship to land is reduced to it’s most basic elements and he/she finds a deep connection to the natural rhythms of life. Time is dilated and space no longer depends on the perception of the horizon. A new idea of space/time arises, where days are not ruled by social imperatives, and the artist is free to experience the creative forces that open up the doors to an original work. The source of possibility.
Nelson is a Philippine fisherman we met during one of our voyages, and the multi- disciplinary project Nelson is the result of our first collaboration which inaugurates a series of portraits of people entitled Human Soul.